History of Twin Tier Divers

Twin Tier Divers was formed by three Scuba instructors in the Southern Tier of New York and Northern Pennsylvania.

They had talked for a very long time over countless lunches about what they could do to add to the local diving community. They were already instructors for a local dive shop. They taught almost weekly at a local university. They took numerous trips together each year for dive excursions. Pretty much if it included diving, these guys wanted to be part of it.

They had an idea. Besides themselves, they had many friends whom were also professional divers and between them all, had certified numerous divers ranging from PADI Seal Team divers to Technical divers. If they brought these fellow divers together & they contacted previous students, then they had a great base to start a club. They knew that the most important part about this club was to keep the fun in Scuba and to keep people diving.

They knew that this would be an easy group to at least start due to the number of professional and recreational divers that they knew. They have found that people who get together and have an opportunity to talk about diving tend to dive more. This is their attempt to make this occur.